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The Federal Government released a report on its migration program. [Full Text]

The OECD has ranked Australia first among 13 major economies in terms of GDP and employment growth since the beginning of the pandemic. [Full Text]

Reserve Bank Assistant Governor Michele Bullock discussed the housing market and financial stability, in a speech. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association published a list of Australia's Top Home Builders for 2020/21. [Full Text]

The Federal Government announced $15 million to recover wood from bushfire-affected areas of Kangaroo Island to accelerate national timber supplies for housing and construction. [Full Text]

Master Builders said the intervention will result in the supply of enough new timber to support the construction of 10,000 new homes. [Full Text]

The Green Building Council issued a paper on resilience in the built environment. [Full Text]

The Federal Government announced $150 million for two clean hydrogen industrial hubs, to be selected from seven prospective regional locations around the country. [Full Text]

The Energy Market Operator issued a report from the demonstration of virtual power plant technology. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor announced a campaign to promote Australia's initiatives to cut emissions. [Full Text]

The Climate Council and Cities Power Partnership issued a report on the costs and risks of climate change to local councils. [Full Text]

The Council of Social Service made a submission on the development of a National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy. [Full Text]

Farmers for Climate Action issued a report on how the agricultural sector can realise opportunity in a low emissions future. [Full Text]

The Railway Association released a three-year reform plan to support the rail supply chain, given that there is more than $155 billion in rail investment planned over the next 15 years. [Full Text]

The Grattan Institute will hold a webinar next Thursday on whether Australia can embrace a bold policy agenda after COVID. [Full Text]

Minister Stokes announced that the Central River City Program Coordination Office has been established to coordinate the delivery of infrastructure for the Parramatta, Strathfield and Cumberland local government areas. [Full Text]

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue said it is delighted by the announcement. [Full Text]

NSW Planning issued data on Greater Sydney Regional Housing Activity. [Full Text]

The Urban Taskforce said the data shows that the NSW planning system's performance (as a whole) is significantly below the number required to put downward pressure on housing prices. [Full Text]

Round Two of the NSW Government's Accelerated Infrastructure Fund has been announced. [Full Text]

The Urban Taskforce welcomed announcement of $139 million to be made available to eight western Sydney Councils to fund infrastructure associated with new housing development. [Full Text]

Premier Berejiklian announced a $5 billion fund from the sale of WestConnex to help build facilities, local infrastructure and high priority projects in western and south-western Sydney. [Full Text]

Treasurer Perrottet said the Government has now received $20 billion from the sale of the entire WestConnex project. [Full Text]

Opposition Leader Minns said tolls will continue increasing 4 per cent a year, more than double the long term inflation rate, making Sydney the most tolled city in the world. [Full Text]

The Urban Development Institute welcomed the new $5 billion WestInvest Fund. [Full Text]

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue said the announcement is great news for the people of the West who have carried a disproportionate COVID burden. [Full Text]

'Mapping Greater Western Sydney's economic and social recovery' was issued by the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue. [Full Text]

Roads Australia said the WestConnex project is a prime example of how asset recycling can be used to deliver high-quality transport infrastructure for the community. [Full Text]

The NSW Government released an independent expert panel report on the transfer of regional roads to state ownership. [Full Text]

Minister Stokes announced the 13 projects awarded funding under the NSW Government's Metropolitan Greenspace Program. [Full Text]

The NSW Government announced $60 million for the development and upgrade of fit-for-purpose cultural facilities. [Full Text]

NSW Planning issued a plan of action in response to the Independent Commission Against Corruption's findings of corrupt conduct by councillors and staff at the former Canterbury City Council. [Full Text]

The ICAC report and recommendations are online. [Full Text]

Minister Hancock outlined how the NSW Government will work with the ICAC on implementing the action plan. [Full Text]

The NSW Government released 2019-20 data for the 'Your Council' website which compares the operations of councils and the profile of their communities. [Full Text]

Winners of the Sydney Awards have been announced by the Committee for Sydney. [Full Text]

The Office of Projects Victoria released guidelines on how government entities should incorporate environmental, social andĀ economic sustainability in infrastructure investments. [Full Text]

The Victorian Auditor-General issued a report on the public reporting of the performance of major capital projects. [Full Text]

Shadow Treasurer Davis said the report has exposed the enormous cost blowouts of delay-plagued major projects. [Full Text]

The report has been published from an inquiry into the impact of social media on Victorian elections and Victoria's electoral administration. [Full Text]

Premier Andrews announced that the Victorian construction industry will shut down for two weeks. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia issued a statement on the Victorian construction shut down. [Full Text]

Melbourne City Council endorsed an action plan for the prevention of violence against women. [Full Text]

The Queensland Council of Social Service published an analysis of social housing register data and said there is no question that we are in a housing crisis in Queensland. [Full Text]