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AHURI released a report on the role of affordable rental housing in supporting digital innovation and employment growth in metropolitan and satellite cities. [Full Text]

The research found that in all cities, over the 10 years studied, those Local Government Areas that delivered more housing supply had below city average house prices, according to Curtin University. [Full Text]

The UK-based Town and Country Planning Association issued 'The Wrong Answers to the Wrong Questions - Countering the misconceptions driving the Government's planning reform agenda.' [Full Text]

The report offers a robust rebuttal of the now dominant ideology amongst governments, both in the UK and Australia, that housing supply and affordability is primarily the responsibility of the planning system, according to UNSW City Futures Director Profe [Full Text]

The Reserve Bank issued 'How Risky is Australian Household Debt?' [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association said housing in Australia remains at its most affordable since 1999. [Full Text]

Property performance continues to soften, with total returns of 1.4 per cent for the year to June, according to the Property Council. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Construction Work Done, Australia, Preliminary, June 2020'. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association said that the total value of residential building work done has dropped to its lowest level since 2014 in the June quarter. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Clare said in the last fortnight, Treasury and the housing industry have forecast that housing construction will plummet by as much as 27 per cent. [Full Text]

The ABS issued 'Household Impacts of COVID-19 Survey, Detailed Release, June 2020'. [Full Text]

The Urban Research Infrastructure Network published an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on employment vulnerability in different regions. [Full Text]

National Australia Bank issued 'State Economic Overview, August 2020'. [Full Text]

The Committee for Economic Development outlined evidence on the economic impacts of working from home. [Full Text]

The PM said National Cabinet has agreed to release a weekly set of data on the common operating picture of COVID-19 responses across states and territories. [Full Text]

A group of business and tourism peak organisations called for a nationally consistent set of principles for interstate travel restrictions across all states and territories. [Full Text]

Landcom issued 'Cooling Common Spaces in Densifying Urban Environments'. [Full Text]

The research found that many aspects of community life are being compromised by the retreat into private air-conditioned environments, according to UWS. [Full Text]

UNSW announced that it will help optimise and implement advanced large-scale urban heat mitigation projects for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. [Full Text]

The University of NSW proposed a Coal Elimination Treaty. [Full Text]

The Conservation Foundation called for Federal Parliament to block legislation that provides $3.3 million of public funds towards a feasibility study for a new coal-fired power station. [Full Text]

The Minerals Council issued its budget submission. [Full Text]

The Federal Government called for proposals to participate in the rollout of a National Food Waste Strategy with the goal of halving food waste by 2030. [Full Text]

The PM announced a $1 billion defence package including a $300 million national estate works program. [Full Text]

The Information Industry Association issued 'Building Australia's Digital Future in a Post-COVID World'. [Full Text]

EY's recent report on megatrends is online. [Full Text]

The PM announced an additional $171 million for an aged care COVID-19 response plan. [Full Text]

Minister Paul Fletcher announced a Creative Economy Taskforce. [Full Text]

The Committee for Economic Development will host an event at midday today on Australia's future energy mix and the Federal Government's Technology Investment Roadmap. [Full Text]

Minister Kean released the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan, aimed at protecting koalas and biodiversity assets in growing parts of Western Sydney. [Full Text]

The Parliamentary Inquiry into Koala Populations and Habitat had recommended the creation of the Georges River Koala National Park, according to Shadow Minister Washington. [Full Text]

The final report from the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into Koala Populations and Habitat is online. [Full Text]

The Total Environment Centre said the Plan contains some good elements but there are some clear improvements needed. [Full Text]

The Urban Development Institute said the Plan provides certainty for industry to invest in new homes, businesses and infrastructure in Western Sydney as well as provide assurance and comfort that the environment is protected. [Full Text]

The final report of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry has been released. [Full Text]

Premier Berejiklian announced that 76 recommendations of the report will be accepted in principle. [Full Text]

The Climate Council said the Inquiry has made it clear that climate change was a key factor in the devastating fires that ravaged the State last summer. [Full Text]

The NSW Government announced a pilot scheme to recycle solar panels and battery systems. [Full Text]

A group of universities announced a partnership with TAFE NSW to develop training and re-skilling programs for Sydney's Western Parkland City. [Full Text]

Treasurer Perrottet called for expression of interest for the fast-tracked delivery of new commuter car parks for public transport customers in Sydney. [Full Text]

Parramatta City Council announced that it has secured funding to build Australia's first true diagonal arch bridge. [Full Text]

The ACT Government announced the formal approval of the CIT Campus - Woden Business Case. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association welcomed the ACT Legislative Assembly's decision to reject the majority of the ACT Green's Planning Legislation Amendment Bill. [Full Text]

The ACT Greens announced that high greenhouse gas-emitting development proposals will be required to account for emissions in an Environmental Impact Statement. [Full Text]

The ACT Greens announced a $33 million environment package. [Full Text]

The ACT Government announced the opening of four new landfill gas generators to supply electricity to households and businesses. [Full Text]

The ACT Government released a transport strategy. [Full Text]

Minister Chris Steel said a rebalancing of investment will see more investment in public transport, but also active travel. [Full Text]

The ACT Opposition committed to a $15 million boost for school infrastructure. [Full Text]

Chief Minister Barr announced a new employment target as part of the ACT's Jobs and Economic Recovery Plan, to be released today. [Full Text]

Hawker Britton issued a brief on the likely policy implications of the NT election outcome. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack announced $28 million for a freight rail line between the Port of Melbourne and Dandenong South. [Full Text]

The Logistics Council said the line will help alleviate road congestion around the port and growing residential communities in Melbourne's southeast. [Full Text]

The Railway Association said the project helps give local roads back to Melbourne residents while providing a safe and sustainable freight connection to the port that will endure for generations. [Full Text]

The Victorian Government announced $20 million to rejuvenate Federation Square. [Full Text]

Minister Jones announced eight projects worth $66 million to be fast-tracked as part of the Queensland Economic Recovery Plan. [Full Text]

Hawker Britton issued a paper on the Queensland Government's recently announced economic support package. [Full Text]

Queensland's Economic Recovery Plan is online. [Full Text]

The Queensland Government launched a dashboard on local government plan-making taking place under the Queensland Planning Act. [Full Text]

The Queensland Government issued updated guidelines for community housing providers. [Full Text]

The City of Adelaide announced the results of a trial of heat reflective treatments on asphalt roads to help with urban heat mitigation. [Full Text]

Premier McGowan issued a summary of major road and rail projects with allocated funding under the WA Recovery Plan. [Full Text]

Premier McGowan said the METRONET Byford Rail Extension business case has been submitted to Infrastructure Australia. [Full Text]

Premier McGowan released a $211 million Pilbara recovery plan. [Full Text]

WA Planning opened consultation on 30 proposed changes to WA local planning regulations. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association said that WA planning reforms are common sense. [Full Text]

The WA Planning Commission opened consultation on 'Draft Operational Policy 2.4 - Planning for school sites'. [Full Text]

Premier McGowan announced that a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge will be built across the Swan River in Perth. [Full Text]

Premier Gutwein issued a progress report on Tasmania's COVID-19 support package. [Full Text]