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Treasurer Frydenberg has delivered the 2021-22 Federal Budget. [Full Text]

The Budget papers are online. [Full Text]

The Parliamentary Budget Office issued a Budget Snapshot infographic. [Full Text]

Barton Deakin issued a brief on the Budget. [Full Text]

GRACosway issued a brief. [Full Text]

GRACosway issued a brief on key portfolio measures. [Full Text]

The Ai Group issued summaries of Budget measures that will support businesses in different sectors. [Full Text]

The Ai Group said the Budget shifts gears from emergency measures to investing in the economy for the longer term. [Full Text]

The Banking Association said the extension of business tax incentives will power economic recovery. [Full Text]

The Conversation issued five Budget charts and infographics. [Full Text]

The University of Sydney issued '5 things you need to know about the federal budget'. [Full Text]

The Commonwealth Bank issued a commentary on the Budget. [Full Text]

The Business Council said the Budget makes sensible investments in the levers of growth, striking a prudent balance between growth and fiscal discipline. [Full Text]

KPMG issued an analysis of the Budget. [Full Text]

AMP issued a commentary on the Budget. [Full Text]

PwC published a series of articles and an infographic summary of the Budget. [Full Text]

Minister Fletcher announced a $110 billion, 10-year infrastructure pipeline. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister King said there is a $3.3 billion cut to infrastructure spending over four years and 55 per cent of newly announced infrastructure spend will be beyond the forward estimates. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia said the Federal Government has raised its high watermark of infrastructure funding in this Budget with $56 billion in public funding committed over the next four years. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Australia listed the 15 early-stage investment opportunities highlighted in its Infrastructure Priority List that have received new funding in the Federal Budget. [Full Text]

The Property Council welcomed an alignment of Budget commitments with the independent prioritisation process of Infrastructure Australia's priority list. [Full Text]

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council said that aligning infrastructure investment with global best practice can deliver up to $2.40 in benefit for every dollar spent. [Full Text]

The Civil Contractors Federation said it welcomed an additional $15 billion infrastructure stimulus. [Full Text]

The National Australia Bank issued '2021 Federal Budget: What it means for Infrastructure and Transport'. [Full Text]

The Automobile Association issued a comment on the budget. [Full Text]

Roads Australia urged the Government to ensure funding allocations flow quickly to maximise both social and economic benefits. [Full Text]

The Constructors Association said the Government's commitment to infrastructure brings with it an opportunity for major productivity improvements. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack announced $250 million for a sixth round of the Building Better Regions Fund. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack announced $1 billion for the third phase of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. [Full Text]

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the Federal Government's multi-billion-dollar boost to Regional infrastructure spending. [Full Text]

The Local Government Association outlined what the Budget means for the local government sector. [Full Text]

Minister Ley announced $486 million for oceans, biodiversity, recycling, waste and climate resilience. [Full Text]

The Green Building Council welcomed investment in resilience and infrastructure as essential for economic recovery and the long-term future. [Full Text]

The Local Government Association said that one dollar spent on mitigation can save at least $2 in recovery costs. [Full Text]

The Institute of Architects said that this Budget, while big on spending in a multitude of areas, does not underpin the type of system-wide reforms that will set us up for greater resilience. [Full Text]

Geosciences Australia welcomed funding for the Digital Atlas and the Climate Service. [Full Text]

NSW Circular analysed what the Budget means for the circular economy. [Full Text]

Minister Taylor outlined key Budget items relating to gas, electricity, fuel security and emissions reduction. [Full Text]

The Greens said the Budget will fast-track a climate collapse with $51 billion for coal and gas corporations. [Full Text]

The Climate Council said the Government's failure to fund a clean recovery from COVID-19 is a national shame. [Full Text]

PowerHousing Australia said that the HomeBuilder stimulus has brought forward demand, but beyond this is a significant forecast decline. [Full Text]

The Urban Development Institute said the next task is to work with the states and territories via National Cabinet to ensure that new dwelling supply pipelines are in place to support future new housing demand. [Full Text]

The Community Housing Industry Association welcomed the considerable investment in the social economy, but said that overall it is a budget for the well housed. [Full Text]

Everybody's Home said the Budget has failed to provide investment in social and affordable housing. [Full Text]

The Council of Social Service issued a summary of Budget responses from social service organisations. [Full Text]

Minister Pitt outlined Budget items to accelerate the development of northern Australia, build a global resources strategy, improve water infrastructure, and reform water markets in the Murray-Darling Basin. [Full Text]

Minister McCormack announced $258 million for water infrastructure projects as part of the National Water Grid Fund. [Full Text]

The Property Council said that population growth is the biggest constraint on recovery. [Full Text]

Minister Littleproud announced $50 million for projects under the National Flood Mitigation Infrastructure Program. [Full Text]

The Insurance Council said the Budget as an historic Commonwealth commitment to funding resilience and mitigation measures. [Full Text]

The PM announced a $17 billion aged care support and reform package. [Full Text]

The Council on the Ageing said the package is a sound start to industry transformation. [Full Text]

The PM announced $3.4 billion to improve outcomes for women's safety, economic security, health and wellbeing. [Full Text]

The PM announced a $2.3 billion National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. [Full Text]

The Mental Health Commission issued a commentary. [Full Text]

Mental Health Australia issued a commentary. [Full Text]

Minister Porter issued a summary of key Budget items relating to industry and innovation. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key NSW projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Minns said Premier Berejiklian and Treasurer Perrottet have failed to secure Federal funds for key public transport projects in western Sydney. [Full Text]

Treasurer Perrottet issued a statement on the Federal Budget. [Full Text]

The Urban Taskforce said it welcomed the expansionary Budget but warned of the risks of a housing price spike in NSW. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key ACT projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

The ACT Council of Social Service said that despite providing much needed extra funding for community services, the Federal Budget has failed to invest in social housing and to support people on low incomes. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key NT projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key Queensland projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

Minister Paul Fletcher announced $126.6 million for Gold Coast Light Rail. [Full Text]

Treasurer Cameron Dick said half of the $1.6 billion for infrastructure won't be delivered within the four years of the forward estimates. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key Victorian projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

Treasurer Lucas issued a statement on the Federal Budget. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key SA projects to be funded in the Federal Budget. [Full Text]

The PM outlined key Tasmanian projects to be funded in the Budget. [Full Text]

Premier Gutwein welcomed key funding for Tasmania in the Federal Budget. [Full Text]

Minister Ferguson welcomed $416 million over seven years for Tasmanian road infrastructure projects. [Full Text]