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Dr Tim Williams discussed the reasons behind the housing crisis in Australia. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Association issued a summary of its quarterly outlook on the housing & renovation industry. [Full Text]

The Real Estate Institute outlined nine megatrends for the Australian real estate industry. [Full Text]

Deloitte issued a CFO Sentiment survey. [Full Text]

The US-based Project for Public Spaces outlined four takeaways on public space investment for placemakers [Full Text]

The Council for Social Service issued a briefing and open letter to the National Cabinet that recommends specific COVID-19 vaccination targets for high-risk groups. [Full Text]

The University of Melbourne issued 'Five Takeaways from The IPCC Working Group I Report'. [Full Text]

An alliance of over 90 organisations and individuals called on the PM to halve emissions by 2030. [Full Text]

The Investor Group on Climate Change issued 'Insights into investor progress towards net zero'. [Full Text]

The Green Building Council issued 'Embodied Carbon & Embodied Energy in Australia's Buildings'. [Full Text]

The Grattan Institute issued 'Towards net zero: Practical policies to reduce industrial emissions'. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Australia issued 'A Pathway to Infrastructure Resilience'. [Full Text]

The 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities has been released. [Full Text]

The Institute of Health and Welfare issued a report on the Australian system for philanthropic and charitable donations, and the amounts given. [Full Text]

A progress report for the Western Sydney City Deal has been released. [Full Text]

The Greater Sydney Commission announced Meg McDonald and Natalie Walker as Environment and Social Commissioners, respectively. [Full Text]

The Urban Taskforce made a submission to the Greater Sydney Commission's review of industrial lands policy. [Full Text]

AHURI issued a report on the return on investment for social housing in the ACT. [Full Text]

AHURI said that safely housing people experiencing homelessness into community housing would reduce the ACT Government's health, justice, and welfare costs by around $15,300 per person per year. [Full Text]

The Housing Industry Assocation said the boom in renovations activity in the Northern Territory is breaking records,. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Victoria released an updated 30-year Infrastructure Strategy. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Victoria said the Strategy recommends that the Victorian Government upgrade road technology systems to ensure safer, smoother travel. [Full Text]

Infrastructure Victoria Chair Jim Miller said Melbourne Metro 2 - a new rail tunnel connecting Clifton Hill and Newport though the CBD and Fishermans Bend - offers significant economic benefits. [Full Text]

Roads Australia said the Strategy adopts a thorough approach to addressing Victoria's transport challenges. [Full Text]

Shadow Minister Davis said there are at least 8 new taxes and charges surrounding transport projects. [Full Text]

The Victorian Auditor-General published a report on whether public sector agencies have the resources to deliver major infrastructure programs. [Full Text]

A Business and Investment Case for Melbourne's Suburban Rail Loop has been released. [Full Text]

Environment Victoria said the updated Infrastructure Strategy puts the climate crisis front and centre as a key long-term challenge. [Full Text]

The Planning Institute made a submission on the Victorian Government's draft Built Environment Adaptation Action Plan. [Full Text]

The Renewable Energy Agency announced $4 million for a trial of power pole-mounted batteries in Victoria. [Full Text]

The boom in renovations activity in Victoria is expected to be sustained for several years, according to the Housing Industry Association. [Full Text]

Tenants Victoria issued the survey report 'Pandemic pain: Victorian renters in lockdown'. [Full Text]

The Federal and Victorian Governments announced $3 million for a Geelong plastic recycling project. [Full Text]

A draft structure plan to allow for the development of 8,000 hectares of land at East Wanneroo in Perth's northern suburbs has been released. [Full Text]